More About Me

I have a dual Master’s in Russian & East European Studies and Slavic Languages & Literature from Florida State University that I received after spending a year and a half living in the Volga region of Russia in 1997-98 as a missionary.  During my studies, I spent the summer of 2002 at Moscow State University and did extensive research on religion in the Soviet Union, writing my thesis on three underground Christian movements in the USSR, their survival tactics, and the tactics of the Soviet State to dismantle and destroy them. 

After graduating, I researched trends in human trafficking from the former Soviet nations for IOFA (International Organization for Adolescents) and was able to gain an appreciation for the disgusting scope and nature of human trafficking in our world today.

Six months after returning from Russia as a missionary at age 24, I had suddenly lost my health and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  I had struggled with severe, debilitating fatigue and had the stamina of a sick 80-year-old for the next six years during which time I experienced my own personal crash-course on sickness and healing.  I was blessed to recover my health in September of 2005 through natural and holistic means (I got 95% of my health back in one week with a product called NingXia Red).

I started a reflexology and healing practice, Sole Healing, LLC in July 2007 where I offer foot and hand reflexology, acupressure, pranic healing, EFT (emotional freedom technique), generational healing, and more.  I have immensely enjoyed participating in some way in the health and well-being of my wonderful clients!

I was recently blessed to launch another business, Essential Survival, LLC where I market essential oils and nutritional and natural products to empower people in taking care of many first-aid and medical needs on their own, as well as providing powerful, non-toxic, and cost-effective solutions for personal care and household uses.

Lastly, I am preparing to write a book in order to:  1) bring to light some of the assaults on our freedoms and liberties through comparing happenings in the Soviet Union to modern socio-political trends in the United States; and 2) give away 90% of the profits, mostly to support an international humanitarian mission to bring truth and healing to some of the most disadvantaged populaces throughout the world – underage prostitutes, children sold into sex slavery, and trafficked individuals.

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