Thursday, March 26, 2009

Healing from chronic fatigue syndrome

Protocol for Helping with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

1) Stop the thing(s) that caused it to begin with in its tracks:

- Change lifestyle, Change YOU
- Nutrition
- Eat an alkalizing and detoxifying diet (I recommend Crystal Parrott for dietary coaching -- )

- Hydration
- Water w/ lemon juice or Young Living lemon/grapefruit essential oil ( , Vitalyte if chronically dehydrated (

- Sleep
- If you can’t sleep, I recommend these essential oils from Young Living: RutaVaLa, Peace & Calming, lavender, valerian (
- Magnesium taken at night

- Exercise
- Do NOT exercise to exertion. Do less than you think you can.

- State of mind, thoughts, and emotions
- Determine what (subconscious) benefits you receive from being sick (anytime you think to yourself – “even though I’m sick and I can’t ______, at least I get to/don’t have to ____________.”. Reconcile yourself to not receiving those benefits any longer, and to rejoining the world at large. Or find a way to get those benefits without having to be sick.

- Stop fighting the illness. Give in to it. Accept it.

- Release negative patterns of needing to prove yourself by overachieving. Even if you had your health back, you would drive yourself into the ground again if you don’t deal with this now.
- Realize YOU have more control than you think you do. You can change how you react to events, you can let go of things that hurt you.

- I recommend Carol Tuttle’s book “Remembering Wholeness”, and the Carol Tuttle online healing center – . Also, working with an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner is a great idea (Julie Behling – 850-294-9683).

- Kill the parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, and/or molds (I highly recommend working with Dr. Gene Harkins of Salt Lake Homeopathy – 801-293-3456)

2) Detoxify (colon, kidney, lung, skin, lymphatics, liver, blood)

- Open the body’s energy channels with:
- acupressure,
- reflexology,
- acupuncture,
- massage therapy (lymphatic drainage may be particularly helpful)

- Detox through the skin with:
- Epsom salt baths,
- sauna,
- foot patches,
- dry skin brushing

- Cleansing –
- I personally benefited from the Master Cleanser. You may want to consult with Dr. Harkins of Salt Lake Homeopathy (801-293-9683) about what type of cleanse would be most suitable for you.

- Heavy Metal detox, if necessary
- Again, I recommend you consult with Dr. Harkins about this one.

- Deep breathing exercises
- Pranayama yoga breathing exercises
- Andrew Weil has some good breathing exercises as well

3) Repair damaged organs and systems

- Restore liver function

- NingXia Red worked GREAT for me – after one week, I was about 95% better!! ( )

- Immune system
- high quality whey protein, such as ImmunoPro ( ) or Young Living Pure Protein ( )
- Taurox SB ( )

- Brain
- I recommend you consult with Dr. Harkins about this

- Endocrine system
- I was helped by taking Young Living’s Thyromin (
- Again, I recommend Dr. Harkins

- Digestive system
–digestive enzymes -- EssentialZyme from Young Living (

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  1. This is something I will keep coming back to. Lots of good info.