Friday, April 2, 2010

Signpost 2 -- "From My Cold, Dead Hands"

Today's post is a continuation of my commentary on each of the Fourteen Signposts to Slavery outlined in a previous article.
Signpost 2 -- Abolition of private ownership of hand guns.

We all know that Americans still enjoy the right to bear arms, so this is at least one signpost (thank goodness!) that is not currently in affect!

In fact, millions of Americans would echo the sentiments of the late Charlton Heston, and would relinquish their right to own a gun only if pried "from [their] cold, dead hands."

Others argue that gun ownership should be strictly controlled in order to prevent gun accidents, crimes, and murders.

Personally, I kind of hate guns.  But I am an absolute supporter of the right to own a gun.  Why?  Because it is a guaranteed Constitutional right, and I support the right of Americans to do as they choose as long as it does not infringe upon the life and liberty of others.  Owning a gun does not equal mis-using it in crimes and murders.

It would be ridiculous for me to think I could provide a detailed and comprehensive presentation of the pro's and con's of gun rights and gun control on this post today.  This is not a topic I have studied extensively in the past, and there are probably millions of people out there more qualified to write about this topic than I am.

So instead of attempting to broach this topic myself, I would like to know my readers' opinions.

What do you think about gun control and the right to bear arms?


  1. I favor personal ownership of handguns for them what wants them.

    I favor waiting periods and background checks, thinking that needing a gun immediately is probably a warning sign and that people who have used guns criminally shouldn't have them.

    I think that the benefits of open gun ownership are felt more strongly in rural areas, while the problems of open gun ownership (and there are some) are felt more strongly in urban areas.

    I think that conservatives play on fears of gun confiscation which are largely illusionary - those liberals who favor gun confiscation are in the minority and have been regulated to the status of cranks.

  2. I think no one else in the world cares about protecting myself and my family more than me. I also think it is immoral to ask someone else (such as a police officer) to pull the trigger and take the life of another human being to defend me if I am not willing to do so for myself. I also feel it would be naive to depend on someone else to be there to protect me when/if something goes down. Owning weapons is also a right laid down by the forefathers of this country to protect the citizens from a tyrannical government. Therefore I believe it is a moral obligation to take whatever means necessary to defend yourself and your family.

  3. I believe I should have the right to do whatever I need to to protect my home and family from violent attack.

    I also understand that there is an effort to bypass the constitution by using a treaty to take away our ability to own guns. There are always those who are looking for ways around the laws that protect us.